Thursday, 25 September 2014

027 - The NEW Sample Store!

Received an e-newsletter from the Sample Store a couple of weeks ago to RSVP for the Ka Bloom event. The event was opened to members and seeders who were lucky enough to be picked by the team. And so lucky me received 2 invitations to the event, one as the member and one as the beauty panelist! I was so hoping that I would get picked for either one and I hit both! Was super happy that I can attend the event and now with a partner! =)

Ka Bloom was held at a themed restaurant, FullHouse Signature Singapore. Registration starts at 11am and so I woke up pretty early to prepare!

Thankful that pimples have been staying away from me and with make-up and my camera's beauty mode on, my complexion looks flawless! Hehe.

Invitation card from Sample Store!

Invited Sherlynn to attend the event with me and and we planned to meet at 11am at Central. But she was late! =( Not entirely her fault coz there was a jam on the road. But...40 minutes is a long long wait...

So we finally reached FullHouse at near 12pm, and each received a lucky draw ticket! We need to obtain 3 booth stamps in order to redeem a goodie bag worth $50 and 6 booth stamps to participate in the lucky draw! But I was already given a goodie bag coz I'm a seeder! So generous!

Sponsored by Emicakes and Nestle!

At the Enavose, trying out their product! =)

The Enavose trainer is so sexy! Love her dress and figure!

Sher's turn!

There were so many booths, but the few booths we visited were Enavose, Brands Innershine, My Beauty Diary, Tsubaki, Mia Care and NOV! We did a skin analysis at the NOV booth and sad to say my skin is very very dry. In fact, the Japanese lady who took the test for me exclaimed in horror. Lol. Her face looked very funny but I can tell she was serious. The moisture, oiliness and elasticity level of my skin is super low, based on the analysis. So she said I need strong moisturising products for my dry skin, which I'm diligently applying day and night now, hoping it will get better. >.<

We took many many photos in the restaurant too coz the place was too pretty! And I really like their wallpaper! 

Birdies for you?

The event ended with a lucky draw, with Sherlynn winning 1 of the 6 prizes. So lucky! But I wasn't disappointed coz I brought home so many goodies too!

Thank you so much Sample Store! Congrats on this successful event and we look forward to the launch of the NEW Sample Store!

Time was still a little early when we left the restaurant, so we sat by the river, chatted and took more photos!

Perspective. If only my legs were this long and slim..

My OOTD from Ohvola! One of my favourite rompers now! The cutting fits me perfectly and comes with 2 deep pockets at the side too! 

Not forgetting the back, the romper has a small cutout design at the mid area too. Can showoff my tiny waist. Lol.

We parted ways at about 6 and I went to meet QQ! Headed to Leisure Park Kallang to have Nihon Mura for dinner! Nihon Mura has now become one of our favourite dining places! They were having a promotion at this new outlet and hence, our decision!

Hi Mr Westham!

Edited my lip color in this photo and I really like it! I probably should lookout for a lipstick with this color already!

21 plates in total! That's all we could manage. Our stomachs shrank!

The we moved on to Boat Quay coz he had wanted to catch the Real Madrid match! Initially we couldn't find any place to settle down at coz none were showing the Spanish League! But we finally decided on a place called Purple Turtle coz the very nice service crew was willing to switch the channel for us! Fortunately we settled in early too, coz soon after it began pouring and the rain got so so heavy!

The cute Purple Turtle logo.

One each.

And so, Real Madrid won the game 6-2! Watched half of another game and left coz we were feeling tired then. That marked the end of my eventful day!

The only 2 products which I bought at the Ka Bloom event! Feeling tempted to try out the facial foam already, but I have not finished using my current one. Girls...

Everything that I bagged home! Don't be jealous ok! You too can enjoy samples by just signing up in the following link!

Membership is totally free and you are able to now try products in sample size before deciding if you want to buy it! You are allowed to check out 4 products per transaction with a flat handling fee of $5.99! There are also samples with absolutely no cost at all! So do sign up for an account if you have not! =)

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