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026 - Phuket Trip with QQ (Days 2 - 4)

Continuing my entry for Phuket Trip! More of a pictorial entry this time! =D

Day 2.

Woke up early for our hotel breakfast. We were expecting buffet breakfast, but meh, only set breakfast was available. Each of us ordered an American set, but NOT NICE! =(

A shot before I left the room. Love the top I got from BKK! $4 only! =)

Looks are really deceiving. Sighs.

We had a short stroll around the hotel and at the beach. Feels good walking under the morning sun! 

The Belle Resort.

Morning view of the street.

Bad angle. But that's the best I can manage. =(

Do I look like the meow meow on my top? Haha.

Checking out the restaurants at Banana Walk! 

Carried on with our plan to head out to Phuket Town to see what's around! And our mode of transport would be a tuk-tuk!! My first ride on a tuk-tuk! Excited much!

And we're in search of a pretty tuk-tuk..Ok. Actually I was. He doesn't really quite care. Lol.

And I saw this pretty pink one! "My Dream" tuk-tuk, saw it? Haha! The interior was pink and full of heart shapes too. But they quoted us too high to Phuket Town, about 500 baht. So I can only say byebye to it. ='(

Anyway, we found another tuk-tuk along the street soon after! Not as pretty, but still looks new and chic in lime!

LOL. Funny face.

Looking very happy! New experience!

Soooo windy!

The ride lasted about 30 minutes and was a pretty scary and bumpy one! We've gotta go up and down the hill and the driver swerved the vehicle so quickly like nobody's business! My butt was like off the seat, just happy that I didn't fly off!

Finally at our destination! The Central Festival Mall! Looks huge!

Hey Ronald!

Decided to head inside Mcdonalds coz he's tempted by this!

The real deal. I took a few small bites of the chicken and it really tasted not bad. But I could not manage anything else coz I was still full from breakfast!

Walked around the mall, and mehhh, it was a bad decision. It was just like any other shopping mall, nothing special. The only good thing was that tourists were able to get free wifi in the mall for 3 hours. Wifi is ever so precious whenever you're overseas, so of course we made good use of it!

Lunch was at Black Canyon, his favourite restaurant whenever he's in Thailand. Not sure if we were too full or the food was really bad, everything was a disappointment! =(

Hanged around till about 3 and we had a taxi driver to send us to a warehouse store where they were selling local products. He was telling us how cheap the stuff were, but all lies! Not cheap at all! Left the store after awhile and off we went to the Chaofa Variety Weekend Market! It is a huge market, something like Bangkok's Chatuchak! Had a few good buys here! Thankful that we reached the place early, coz while we were leaving, the crowd was just coming in! We can really do without all the squeezing! Hopped onto a cab, and back to Patong! 

Troubled as to what to have for dinner, we had a long long walk along the streets looking at every restaurant, but nothing really caught our eyes. Then suddenly I found a familiar signboard stating "No. 6", and hey that's a local thai restaurant which many bloggers have recommended from what I have researched! Went forward a little and we saw that the queue was really really longgggg. Decided to give it up, and before we took another step away, there was a staff from No. 6 stopping us and asked if we mind going up the hill as they have another new branch opened recently. Transport was provided and it was just a 7-minute ride. It sounded good to us coz we didn't have to queue and transport was provided for to and fro, so we went!

Coconut shake! My favourite drink in Thailand! I have missed this drink so so much!

Tom Yum Seafood Soup. Love the fresh fish in the soup!

Very yummy and chewy stir-fried squid! Gravy was goodddd.

Morning Glory, a mandatory order for some. But so-so to us only. =X

Day 2 ended with another massage and back to hotel to rest!

Day 3.

Slept in late and we had brunch at Sabai Sabai restaurant just steps away from our hotel.

Mini bowl of Tom Yum Seafood Soup.

Mixed Veg. Love the baby corn!

His Tang Hoon Soup. Too porky for me. >.<

Walked to Jungceylon with basically nothing much to do. Except to eat and eat. Day 3 is all about eating.

Black Canyon again. Still a disappointment. Sighs.

Mcdonalds again to try out the pork burger. After buying that we realised this meal cost SGD8. 

Went back to the hotel to rest and out again in the evening to catch the sunset! So many people parasailing!

The price list for those who are interested!


Decided to have dinner by a street stall which we saw a crowd the night before.

His Pork Noodle Soup.

My Chicken Rice.

Both cui max. The worst meal in this entire trip. Couldn't finish it coz it was so so bad. Bad mood after that. Went to the Pizza Company hoping that they will not disappoint coz the one at Bangkok was great!

Messi on the can.

This has got to be the best Hawaiian Pizza ever. Not a fan of pizza, but I really love this!

Can't remember the name of this pasta, but it tasted great too! Happy that we made the right choice!

Foot massage after that and end of Day 3!

Day 4.

Last day in Phuket already! Did some final rounds hoping to grab more good deals before going to the airport! We took the minibus service back to the airport again! 

Had some quick bites before boarding the plane!

The return journey was short coz both of us fell asleep onboard. Anyway we were seated at different rows, although we checked in together. Just wondering if we are able to request to be seated together? 

So overall, the trip was still a good one I feel! New place, new experiences. A relaxing trip with no aching feet! Will be back again, next time perhaps to join the tours!

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