Monday, 15 September 2014

025 - Miyoc Warehouse Sale!

Met up with Sherlynn last weekend! I can't remember when was the last time we met up on a weekend to catch-up and shop! Or we might not have even done that before? I really don't know.

Anyway, we started the day early. Woke up at 8 plus in the morning and met at Jurong East! We were planning to have a chalet with the CPF peeps in November and we were lucky enough to be able to book one unit at The Chevrons during one of the weekends!

Took the shuttle bus to The Chevrons from the bus stop near JCube to make our chalet payment! It has been years since our last chalet, and I am really looking forward to this upcoming one!

While waiting for the shuttle bus back to JCube. Wanted to take more pictures, but we looked like we just woke up! Both look so puffy! 

Had our breakfast at Old Town White Coffee @ JCube. We took a quick one before making our way to Woodlands 11 for the Miyoc Warehouse Sale!

Journey to Woodlands 11 wasn't exactly short. Gotta take train and transfer to bus before we finally reached our destination. Only consolation is that we do not have to queue under the scorching sun coz the warehouse is inside the building! Different from what we have thought. The waiting time before we can finally get our hands on the clothes was not too long too. Probably 20 minutes or so? Too busy talking so didn't really check out the time. Lol.

We were planning to get some 3CE products during the sale, but we were disappointed coz we were expecting lower prices. The prices offered were in fact way higher than what we can purchase online. We were expecting a wider range of clothes too. Each of us just ended up buying 1 to 2 pieces. Were we expecting too much? Lol.

Bused back to Causeway Point to have our lunch! Decided to have Mala Xiang Guo! It was nice, but I still prefer JEM's!

Went for a walk inside the mall, just to digest a little bit. Lol. Stopped by Etude House and shopped abit. Bought a couple of candy colored nail polish and applied them that very night! I am so loving the colors! I feel bright and cheery looking at my nails now!

Anyway, while shopping at Etude House, came across this old Muslim lady in the shop and I just happened to turn my head when I heard the staff talking to her. The staff was trying to pass her a piece of tissue paper but the old lady ignored her. I was wondering why the staff insisted on giving her the tissue when I suddenly realised there were remains of a fried chicken wing in one of her hands. Bare hands. And on the other hand is a lipstick tester which the old lady is using to apply it DIRECTLY on her lips. I was super grossed out by the scene. Imagine the oil on her lips now on the lipstick, and the oil on her hands now on the cover of the lipstick. Only one word. Disgusting. So after she was done with her lips, I heard the old lady say, "Okay okay, I go wash my hands now." Zzzzzzzz. Like it helps. *Roll-eyes* 

Anyway, we parted ways after that! We should do it again soon ok? #xiusabsher =D

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  1. We also wondered around Pasar malam..but nothing nice one~~ :(