Wednesday, 10 September 2014

023 - Birthday Celebrations!!

Celebrated 2 birthdays in the last 2 weeks!

First up is my grandma's! We had her celebration at Dian Xiao Er @ JP. It's the same place each year, with the same set meal for 20 pax. But it really doesn't matter. It's all about the family coming together! =D

8 big candles for the most amazing woman in the world! I just love talking to my grandma! Every conversation, I will get to learn something. Everything just makes so much sense when it's from her!

My favourite picture of the day, although it's kinda blur. Looks cute making a wish right. Lol.

My yeye helping her to blow out the candles! <3

Can't believe that my grandparents are both over 80 already! I wish them good health for many many more years! Have made a note to self to visit them as often as possible, and I think so far I'm doing good! =D

Celebrated my mom's birthday a week later at JP too. This time round at Soup Restaurant. Nothing fanciful or luxurious, but at least the effort in having dinner together was made.

Samsui Chicken! All of us love this! 

Broccoli with Scallops and Mushrooms. Tasted good, but portion doesn't match the price. Why so stingy leh?

Sir-fried Fish Slices with Beansprouts. Not too good in my opinion.

Prawn Tofu with the sauce that tasted like Chili Crab's. Added on some fried mantou to polish off the eggy goodness!

My dad asked for this shot. Lol. 

Dessert time!

Got this fruity cake from Icing Room! I think it looks really pretty! Just nice for the 4 of us!

Already in her 50s, but I'm quite sure she doesn't look her age la. Just like how I look so much younger than my actual age! It's in the genes I guess! =P

This must be one of the nicest pictures I took for them.

My turn to join in! =D

Sad that this picture did not turn out clear. But it was already one of the better ones. Better luck next time in getting a stanger-photographer.

Okay. Time to blow out the candles! Wishing my mom good health and her life filled with peace and happiness.

Alright. Ending the post with a picture taken with my mom, although I find that my face looks fat here.


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