Sunday, 14 September 2014

024 - Phuket Trip with QQ (Day 1)

Finally here to blog about my Phuket trip! It's a little backdated, but not too bad la. Just about 1 month ago. Lol.

And so, we had our first overseas trip together for this year! Somewhere new, coz it's not to Bangkok this time but to Phuket! We were unsure of what to expect coz we were both heading there for the first time and we don't know if we will like it there coz we are not into water-activities. Lol. So, many asked me then why choose Phuket then. Just go visit and experience cannot meh? Zzz.

We were due to fly on National day! Somehow had more feel coz it was a vacation on a public holiday. Lol.

Flight was in the late afternoon and it was our first time having lots of time to idle around at the airport. So I requested for a shot at The Social Tree! Haha. It was fun flicking the photo up the treetop!

See, the theme of our photo totally fits our destination! There's sea, sand and coconut trees! They should have just included the sun somewhere!

While waiting for boarding!

Love looking at the fluffy clouds when up in the air. That's when I'm not sleeping of course! =P

So 1.5 hours later we arrived at the Phuket International Airport! No photos of the airport coz I saw signs everywhere stating "No Photography Allowed". Bleah.

Anyway, we spent soooo much time at the airport, not doing anything, just queuing at the immigration counter. Okay actually we were doing something. We were playing a boliao jumping and killing ninjas game on the phone while waiting. For about 60 mins. Yes, 1 hour.

Headed out to the taxi area and for a moment we were quite lost coz it was so crowded and messy. Our initial plan was to take a cab out to Patong but we ended taking up the minibus service instead. Cab out to Patong cost 800 baht, which I find it really really expensive. The minibus service on the other hand only cost each of us 180 baht, which I find it more reasonable. Although it's a shared transport with other tourists, we didn't feel uncomfortable at all. In fact, we felt more at ease. Lol. Afterall, we were in a foreign land and we were really unfamiliar with the place. Furthermore, the night has fallen. So abit scared la.

Halfway through the journey, the bus stopped at a place where there will be people to introduce you to tours available at Phuket. We didn't take up any coz we just wanted a laid-back and relaxing holiday. And that means sleeping in late, and shopping at a slow pace and nuaing when we feel like it. Haha. So we hopped back to the bus and the driver sent us one by one to the hotels which we are staying at.

Soon after, it was our turn to alight and we were pretty pleased with the location of our hotel! Just a couple of minutes walk and we would be at the beach! We had a quick check in and quickly went up to our room!

The room had a pretty modern design, uhh in fact too modern? Haha. The room is almost as big as what you see in the above picture. Bathroom is right behind the bed with a see-through glass, of course with blinds which you can draw down. But if you have already realised, there is no door to the bathroom, which we really don't like! Imagine if you're doing some big businesses, it almost like you're doing it in the bedroom. So unhygienic!

Anyway, we quickly placed our stuff and had a quick walk nearby in search of FOOD! It was already 9 plus at night and we were starving! Decided to have a quick dinner at Song Pee Nong Restaurant along one of the streets.

Crab Meat Fried Rice! Portion was really big!

Stir-Fried Kai Lan with Deep Fried Pork. This dish was not fantastic, but still alright.

These were the only 2 dishes we ordered although we were very hungry. Coz we were planning on having some small bites along the streets later on.

Explored the streets like many other tourists, hoping to find some good deals but it was pretty tough. Things were expensive, same for food. I was hoping to see vendors selling prata on the streets coz I was missing those that I had in Bangkok but they were all selling pancakes only. =(

Bought a Strawberry Banana Pancake to share, but it was too sweet and we can't finish it. Can't remember the exact price, but it should be around 50-60 baht.

Came to Bangla Walking Street and there were soooo many people! Probably the only official famous nightspot at Patong? I think 50% of the pubs and clubs in there had bar top dancers, some doing pole dances. I've never seen these kind la, so it was really 大开眼界 for me. Anyway, we didn't hang around in there for too long coz we were rushing for massage before heading back to hotel to rest!

The massages in Phuket were really different from those we had in Bangkok, and we really still love Bangkok ones. Make me want to head back to Bangkok already! >.<

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