Wednesday, 28 August 2013

#006 - Happy Birthday Huiping!

Happy birthday hon!! This post came late coz it has been a really busy week!  But anyway, here it is, a dedicated (but not very long) post for you! HEE =)

To Huiping Yeo, my dearest girlfriend since school days!

How time flies, it has been 11 years since we first stepped into the same classroom. Sad that it's no longer countable with two hands. :'( But so so glad that our friendship is still growing strong.

It has been a wonderful decade with you as we started from being classmates, to friends, to pen pals and now close girlfriends. Thank you for always bringing joy to the people around you with your frank words. Not sure if the guys find joy, but definitely much laughter for the girls! Thank you for being a great listener and advisor too. I feel alot of love from you!! <3 I feel that I have alot to say, but I can't seem to pen it down properly tonight. Zzz.

Anyway, just know that I love you very much and I wish for the best for you in everything (although I feel that you have the best of everything already)!

So here's the pictures from our mini brunch celebration. We shall meet again ok? Coz I feel that the brunch was too short!

Some random pictures of us while waiting for the rest to reach. And I realised I look uber sleepy with swollen eyes! Zzz.

And when all has reached...

Now time for food!

Brunch Platter

Beef Burger with VERY NICE fries

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

 Cast Iron Pan set with Sausage, Bacon, Poached egg, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Baked Beans and Tomato

Yummy cupcakes from Plain Vanilla!

Happy Birthday Girl!

Shall end off the post with 2 group shots!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again from...

4-to-Death & 4Rus! HAHA. GOODNIGHTS!

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