Saturday, 24 August 2013

#005 - Group Therapy Cafe/ Le Chocolate Cafe

Heyo! It's Friday once again! Happy coz weekend is here quick! =D

Friday is a good day for dating coz you can slowly enjoy your evening with a nice dinner and complete  it with a sweet dessert and when you look at the time you will still go, "Wow, it's still so early!" And so, that's exactly what I did.

My date for tonight is Daphne! Uh-huh! A new face showing up on my really new blog. =) My once-upon supervisor, an ex-colleague and now a great friend cum gossip-mate. =x

Sorry for the blurry pic! Guess my hands were shaky coz I was hungry!

Dinner was at Group Therapy Cafe, a place she recommended (or rather her friend recommended) located at 49 Duxton Road - somewhere around Tanjong Pagar. Food was not bad, environment was okay - not as cosy as we thought it was though.

Hunter's Roast Chicken with Tomato & White Wine Broth Served with Mediterranean Rice and Salad

Chili Crab Pie Served with Chips and Salad - Add-on Scrambled egg 

Not a very good food reviewer, so to sum it up in one-liner: Crab is better than Chicken.

Left the cafe and headed off to another - Le Chocolate Cafe. My second visit in this month.

Desserts time.

Rainbow Cake with Chocolate Sauce (Pssst, it tasted much better than the first time when I tried)

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake (This is really good! Love the crunchy bite of the biscuit layer!)

Throughout the few hours of eating, we talked non-stop too. Too many things to talk about. From recent updates, to past happenings and then to our favorite pastime - GOSSIP. HEHE.

Mehhh. Too many things, too little time. Let's meet again some time soon. I will date you out the next time round! =)

So till then, here's a picture of us tonight!


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