Thursday, 15 August 2013

#001 - Back to Blogging!


After 4 long years, I have decided to return to this platform to record down my eventful life again!! I have been really really busy these few years! Been busy job-hopping (lol?), paktor-ing, online-shopping and now starting my own business! Things have just started and it's getting really busy, and major efforts are required. But looking ahead with my ultimate goal, I should say I am pretty happy busying! =)

Anyway, it's Thursday today! MEANING: it's TGIF tomorrow! Yay to that and yay once more coz I'm meeting my CPF girlies for a nice dinner and good catch-up session. =D 

And plans for the weekend:
Gonna dye my hair RED(again!). I've missed the red strands on my head and so now I'm going back to JB to put them on again! Feeling soooooooo excited!

Hmmm...can't decide if I should stick back to this color. Or should I do this color?

Both looks so prettayyyyyyyy! Mehhh. Can't decide now so shall take the next 2 days to think it through.

Next plan for the weekend is to go for outdoor shoot! How exciting is that!!! Shall post pictures of that soon! Enjoy your last bit of thursday! =)

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