Monday, 19 August 2013

#004 - Dinner Catch-Up with @sabbyoj and @sherkuku

A last minute plan to meet up with Sabby and Sher last Friday, for a simple dinner. It was a short session, but I'm glad we took time out for this! It feels good to meet these girls once in awhile,  just to yak abit (although most of the time I'm not the one yakking =x). HAHA.

It is just nice to have people around you who wishes to be updated on your lives, and wishes for you to be part of theirs too. Such people are so precious, and I am grateful to have more than a handful of you guys around me. Not sure am I lucky or what, but most of the people around me are truly awesome. Always coming true from their hearts (Or at least that is how I feel).

Alright! Back to the dinner post. We went to Din Tai Feng for dinner! It was great coz I LOVE CHINESE FOOD.

Looks like alot of food for 3 ladies? But nope, we wiped out ALL. Hehe. Probably coz too hungry. Well, at least I was starving. Not sure about the other two.

Went for some coffee-talk @ The Coffee Bean. Topics after topics. I think we have endless things to say.

Sidenote: You guys gotta try the Ice-blended Chocolate Banana! It tastes soooooo good. But these 2 don't know how to appreciate. SIGHS. Good stuff leh.

And of course, we also did what girls do best. Gonna flood you with loads of photos now!

 Okays! That is all I have for you today. Time for bed! Goodnights!

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  1. HEhe~ So cool to see u blogging again~ Actually niko also started blogging again. Keep it up! Hmm..I still think that ice-blended chocolate banana is an acquired taste. Haha! And I know I know..I am always yakking away!