Saturday, 28 September 2013

#011 - Gladwin's Wedding Night!

Attended Gladwin's wedding dinner last Saturday at Sheraton Hotel. Was feeling pretty excited over it for the past weeks coz it's finally time to meet up with the CPF peeps again! Yay!

This post is gonna be fullllll of photos coz I took so many and don't know which to filter away! Some selfie shots first, coz I prepared too early and had time to spare before it's time to leave house to meet the girls.

Full shot of myself with my dress which I planned to wear since I bought it. Shows a lot of legs I know.

Think I quite like my make-up that day! Not very thick and seem a bit glowy! Haha.

And one shot which shows my curls really nicely! I look like I have some pink highlights here.

And so, it's finally time to head out! Took a cab to the hotel with Sherlynn and more camwhoring pics!

Too much sunlight and I look like I have one side of my head shaved. Lol.

Accidentally took it with flash, but luckily turned out not bad!

Reached the hotel! Photos together with Sabrina and the 兄弟s!

 More photos at the table! Too many people to take photos with! >.<

Basically these are whom I took photos with that night. All looked so good!

Now back to the event! Thought the flow of the event was pretty good, just that food can be served faster. Lolol. Talking about food, I really liked the dishes, some of which I've never tried before! Too bad I only managed to take the first 3 dishes. But they were all really YUMMEH! =D

And I was really impressed with the emcee! Can speak fluently in both English and Mandarin and can sing so well! And talking about vocals, well done too Gladwin to end your speech with a sweet song! Although you were sabo-ed, but still very sweet and touching! Wish you and your pretty wife a blissful marriage and we all hope to see little Gladwins and Julias soon! 

Ending the post with a few more pictures with the group of wonderful peeps!

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