Tuesday, 24 September 2013

#010 - Dinner at JEM (Before the collapse!)

Hola! 不知不觉, 2 weeks just went past like that and I've left my blog spacing out alone. So finally I'm back in here to blog my tenth entry (only!).

Met up with my dearest sec school mates for dinner at Sushi Tei! I'm pretty much into japanese food, and so yay, coz dinner was awesome! Thought we ordered pretty much for a group of four coz we ended up feeling REALLY fulllll.

Some snapshots of the food we ordered..

That's alot of food isn't it?

Think that was the 2nd time we had a meal at JEM and probably the last in these few months or maybe even until end of this year coz a couple of hours after we left JEM, it looked like this...

YIKES! That's scary isn't it?! Thankful that there weren't any casualties, but poor thing to those who got injured.

So goodbye JEM... for now.

Yeah, so back to our night.

We headed to JCube after dinner for our dessert. Just 1 cup for sharing coz we were so very full!

So some group shots to end off the night! =) With my dearest friends of all time! <3


Dress: ShopLobello
Shoes: Bangkok


I finally booked my tickets to KL after much planning! Can't wait to head there in 2 weeks time! Feeling pretty much excited even though it's only been a year since I last went there! By the way, I have not booked my hotel yet, so I welcome recommendations if you have got any (be it for hotel or places for food and shopping!) =D

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