Monday, 9 September 2013

#009 - I have a 大嫂 now!

Yay! As what the title reads, I have a sister-in-law now! Happy and blissful marriage to my brother and his wife! =)

Gonna dedicate this post to them and at the same time share the MANY photos which I took over the past 2 weekends with everyone!

The first weekend was for the solemnization ceremony, held at Village Hotel Changi. Weather was cool, venue was well-decorated and all else was good. So while waiting for everything to start, of course it's the perfect time to take some pretty photos!

With my mom (I think we don't look alike, and I don't look like my dad too! So I'm not sure who exactly I look like in the family. =x) Anyway, dress was an old number from Agneselle, and I paired it with ShopLobello's latest Gold Bar Leather Belt in white!

And here's some with my QQ

With the groom!

 My parents looked really happy! =)

The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids.

With my grandma! She looks so happy and cute here right! =D

Group shots!

And some shots of the venue

And then, the ceremony starts. It was a touching scene when vows were exchanged and i got all teary-eyed especially when the bride choked on her words with tears. So it's exchanging of rings after vows, and the ceremony was sealed with a kiss! <3 

So it's foodie-time after the serious stuff and more pictures!

So that marks the end of the solemnization ceremony. BUT that's not all! Gonna continue with the actual wedding day, which started early morning the day before yesterday! 

Wore a simple white baby doll frock for the morning tea ceremony! No full body shot though!

So many people at my house, waiting for the bride and groom!

And when they finally arrived!

Finally some rest time after the morning tea ceremony was over. Did not manage to nap, but did relax and freshen up abit before preparing for the banquet dinner!

I love the dress which I got from Love Bonito! Love how the dress fits me nicely, love the halter cut and love the cut-out hole at the back! A pity I did not have my best make-up on. My falsies made my eyes looked too droopy. =( But I'm loving bold red lips now! =D

The banquet dinner was held at Riverview Hotel, and the place was pretty nice and cosy! Took many photos with some of the relatives!

Now it's time for some pictures of the bride and groom!

Pardon the blurry pics. But it was yet another touching moment when they gave their speech. And yes, I had tears welled up in my eyes again. :') Anyway, thank you kor for remembering me in your speech. I felt abit guilty when you thanked me though, coz I did not really help out much. =x But truly from the bottom of my heart, I wish you and ZX eternal bliss and may I have a little nephew or niece soon! =)

Ending the post with another 2 pics of myself! Hehe!


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