Thursday, 10 October 2013

#012 - Happy Birthday My Dear QQ!

Happy happy birthday my dear QQ! It's my third time celebrating your birthday with you already! How time flies! =)

Booked for a table at Privè Cafe at Keppel Bay for dinner and we had Sabrina and her baby boys joining us!

Some snapshots of the breathtaking view that we had. And many snapshots with the kids. Lol.

Love this last pic of QQ and Jayden! What a cutie boy! <3 And I am very sad that I did not get an individual shot with the boys! =(

Headed towards Privè Cafe shortly, and little Jayden boy could not keep his eyes off the kids' playground! Initially booked for an indoor table coz I thought lighting would be better for photo-taking, but decided on getting an outdoor table instead coz the atmosphere seems much better.

We were given a table right beside the playground. The lucky boys! Or perhaps I should say the lucky mom, coz dear @sabbyoj can just sit down and relax while watching her kids run about with their car car. So cute! The boys keep going round and round that little space, perspire so much, don't get hungry and can get so happy! Amazing how we all used to be like that too, hopefully also as cute as them. Lolol. Now if you ask me run round and round, I will just roll my eyes round and round lor.

Food pictures next!

Straight-cut Fries with Truffle-Mayonnaise! Javier's favorite!

Totally no artistic feel on these food pictures coz I couldn't see a thing on my camera screen! The whole area was way too dark! So everything 凭感觉! Lol. 

Saw that blob of white thing on the pizza. We all thought it was a blob of cheese (which seems really gross to me, oops!) But in fact, it was a poached egg! So funny that Sab tried to spread it but failed. Haha! In the end tried cutting it apart then the yolk oozed out. But poached egg on top of the pizza, nice meh? Anyway the whole thing looks too cheesy to me, so I did not try. >.<

Desserts after dinner! But before that, let's sing a happy birthday song!

Jayden was so super sweet that day! Very obliging to take photos with QQ and even gave him a birthday kiss! I am so jealous! 

Dear Sab, thank you for joining us for dinner with your 2 lovable kids (though they can be really quite naughty at times!) Enjoyed the time spent at the cafe, and I hope you did too! Hopefully didn't bore you out! =D

Dear QQ, hope you ain't too disappointed with the dinner coz it wasn't really up to our expectations. But anyway, this is just part 1 of the celebration! Part 2 is coming up in 3 days and I cannot waitttttt!! Come quick, our super long weekend!

By the way, all the above pictures are taken with my new Samsung camera! Not bad already, given that the venue lighting is so bad. And some more it's free, so I have no complaints! Will explore more of the functions soon!

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