Wednesday, 20 August 2014

#018 - Shopping Trip in Bangkok (Day 1)

Gosh, can't believe it was 8 months ago since I have last posted.

Decided to come back to this space pretty much because I read through my older posts and found it meaningful to look back at what I did. So here I am, back again. :)

Not going to backdate to 8 months ago, so I shall just start from my recent trip to Bangkok!

Had my first trip of the year to BKK with Serene in late July, and it was our first trip together with just the 2 of us!!

We had our flight at 10 plus in the morning and we decided to squeeze with the morning crowd at 7+am with our 2 huge luggages. Many stares but we don't care. =p

Reached the airport, done with check-in and we started our holiday with meipai video and many pictures! =D

Was pretty fascinated by this Kinetic Raindrops at T2!

Wefie 1..

Wefie 2! Can see that we are getting excited for our trip right!

Saw this pretty indoor garden, and there we have another nice background for our wefies!

#TheSocialTree at #ChangiAirport

Call me a suaku, but I really haven't seen this before! Probably because I was always rushing for all my previous trips! So we took a picture..

and FLICK! Up we go on the social tree!

Then it's time for us to board the plane! *SINGS* High, high, into the sky~~

Thought I could catch a wink on the plane, but I didn't manage any. =( Mainly coz we met with a strong turbulence which shook the plane up, down, left, right! I was so super scared that we will be the victims of the next plane crash! >.<

Anyway, I HATE the jerky feeling on the plane, or even on buses! My heart always goes up and down with them, often leaving me somewhat breathless. 

So, nothing to do means more pictures! Alone coz ah rene is sleeping! =)

And 1 more before we FINALLY landed!

Took the airport rail link out to the city and we had a great chat with a few new fellow Singaporean friends! Marked a good start to our trip!

Agenda of this 4D3N trip was mainly shopping, so we booked for a hotel room really near Platinum Mall, @ CentrePoint Pratunam Hotel.

Hotel was about 7 to 10 minutes walk from Ratchathewi BTS station, and can be easily spotted due to the high building. Check-in was fast and in 5 minutes we were up in the room!

The room was REALLY big and spacious, in an apartment style which we love!

A small dining table which we really made use of for our suppers!

The bathroom basin

And a bathtub! We didn't use the bathtub like how we should, but we still made use of it to soak our aching feet every night for some pain relief!

The room was so big that the beds were placed soooo far apart. Then we decided to move the side table and join our beds together instead. 相亲相爱. HAHA.

There was a balcony too, which overlooked the pool and many trees. No picture of it though.

Selfie on the bed before going out to shop. The TV very big hor? Lol.

First day's shopping venue was of course at Platinum Mall, coz we didn't really have much time to go elsewhere as we have got other agendas on the list for day 1, which is to 拜四面佛. I prayed and made a huge wish and I sincerely hope that my wish can come true, please. We went vegetarian that day for the purpose of 拜拜 and it was pretty much a torture coz there were many things which we couldn't eat! Then again, it was only for a day so we beared with it!

We didn't take much food that day except for instant noodles, an XL pack of french fries and ice-cream toast from After You Dessert Cafe (which we didn't finish).

With the nice brick wall background!

I want one too!

The menu

She went mad shortly after.

The ferrero rocher toast bread with ice-cream! Looks nice but we could barely finish half. The taste is so not to our liking. Probably won't return again given that the taste was meh and price wasn't cheap. 

Headed back to hotel to place our shopping loots before we went out for a thai massage! Shiok shiok! 

And that's it. End of day 1. Shall continue posting about the trip tomorrow! Time to sleep. Goodnights~

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