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019 - Our Shopping Continues! (Bangkok Trip Days 2 - 4)

Woke up super early in the morning feeling quite awake even though I only had about 3-4 hours of sleep. Alarm was set at 7am coz we were planned to head to the Pratunam morning market. But the poor lady beside me didn't feel as awake as I did but still managed to pull herself out of bed. We quickly got ourselves ready and out we go for more shopping!

We shopped at the normal Pratunam wholesale market, not realising that it's not the morning market that we were looking for. It was only until 8.30am that we spotted some white tentage behind the wholesale market then we realised we got our focus wrong! Didn't manage to grab anything from there coz most of the stalls were getting ready to close! Yes you got me right, they close at 9am in the morning, pretty much why they are called the morning market! =P

With information I gathered online, the Pratunam morning market opens daily from 4am to 9am. So do remember to look out for the white tentages if you are planning to go there for some crazy shopping!

We continued our shopping back at the wholesale market before going to the famous wanton mee stall for our breakfast. Some REAL FOOD finally! We had to go vegetarian and garlic-less the previous day and there were so many things we couldn't eat. So the rest of the trip must eat 够本. Lol.

So here comes our wanton mee!

We were thankful that we didn't have to wait for a seat coz it was only a while later we saw a queue outside the stall (many of whom are Singaporeans, I believe)! Almost didn't feel like we were in a foreign land coz the stall crew speaks Mandarin as well as many other customers. Maybe more of Singlish. Lol.

Anyway, my take on the taste of the highly-raved wanton mee is that it's pretty much of a disappointment. The noodle was way too dry and not QQ as what I have imagined it to be. The noodles were so dry that they got really clumpy. But of course, they were not famous for no reason. You can easily taste the flavorful pork lard from the noodles and it is indeed different from the wanton noodles we get in Singapore.

For those who may wish to try, the address of the wanton mee place is at 4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand. It is along a small lane, right beside Shibuya Mall.

We headed back to the hotel after breakfast to place our stuff coz our bags were so heavy! Bought so many items just after 3-4 hours of shopping! I had a quick change of clothes into something more comfy!


Continued our shopping at Platinum Mall before walking over to Central World for lunch! This was our most awaited meal for the whole trip coz of the recommendations we saw on the internet! HuaplaChongnonsea is the name of the restaurant. Surely it wasn't that our expectations are too high, coz there was really nothing extraordinary about the food. =(

Stir-fried Squid with Salted Egg. Not too sure if the squid was fully-cooked, coz we had a hard time chewing and swallowing.

Greens. Stir-fried Mimosa they state. I have my doubts though. Lol.

Probably the only decent dish that we had among all. Shell-less crab with egg. But to me it's too eggy. Lol. And what's the joy of having crabs without sucking on the shells right.

Tom Yum Goong. Soup was a little too sour, but it was good that they gave many big and fresh prawns!

I can't remember the total cost of the meal, but from what I recall, it didn't come cheap. At least not worth the quality of food that we had especially when we were at BKK. Wouldn't recommend this place for a meal coz the street stalls' food taste much better in my opinion! =p

Had a stroll in Central World before heading over to Siam Paragon for some teabreak at Mr Jones Orphanage! The cafe was nicely decorated with many many teddy bears! The only con about the place was that sitting areas were a little cramped and they had really low-hanging lights. So you've gotta bend a little to see your friend in full view on the opposite side.

We ordered 2 cakes to share and here comes!

Strawberry Sponge Cake. My preferred cake of the 2! Cake is super fluffy and soft! Strawberries are really sweet too! Two thumbs up for this refreshing sweet treat!

Can't remember the exact name of the cake, but it's the best-selling chocolate cake! Cake is moist and really chocolatey! Chocolate lovers would really dig this!

Next up on the itinerary was Talad Rot Fai, the weekend railway market. We took train to On Nut BTS station before hopping onto our first cab of of the trip to the night market. The sky was dark by the time we got to the railway market.

The night market wasn't as fascinating as what was written on websites which we read. There many restaurants inside with live bands, but many of which were quiet with few customers. Shopping wasn't great as well, we can easily find another night market with better shopping.

Thought this Mario statue was quite cute so we posed with it!

We got out of the night market pretty early, at about 8 plus. But we were so unlucky that we got a newbie cab driver who doesn't know the way from Talad Rot Fai to Pratunam! We were stuck in the cab for about an hour I think? Sighs. And we did not even get to Pratunam. We got the cab driver to drop us off at Sukhumvit instead and we took the BTS back. We were so relieved when we saw Terminal 21 coz we thought we were never getting home. *Cross fingers* Lol.

Rested for awhile in the room and down we went for foot massage! This time at the famous Number 1 massage place right below our hotel. The foot massage was so shiok that we both fell asleep! The 60 minutes passed by too quickly! We could hardly keep our eyes open on our way back to the room, coz we felt soooo tired! Had a quick wash-up and off to lala-land. Zzz.

Day 3 now!

It's shopping at the morning market again! The crowd was crazy. Soooo many people can. But I managed to get some great deals! Bought 3 rompers at merely SGD5 each! Haven't got the chance to wear them yet though. Haha. Shall wear them for weekend dates! =D

Continued on at Platinum Mall. The same old place. Got more rompers. Hurhur. More weekend dates, pleaseeee.

Lunch was with the new friends that we made. Treat was on them. Haha. No pictures, but it was an enjoyable lunch. =)

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. Until a point that I wished somebody can chop off my legs coz the ache was freaking unbearable. BUTTTTTTT. Shopping was our main purpose of coming to Bkk, and we only had another day more! So just bear with it.

Dinner was suppose to be mookata near Victory Monument station, but we decided not to go for it as we weren't very hungry during dinner time coz we had Phad Thai elsewhere earlier on. We still went to Victory Monument station anyway. And boy, we were so glad we did! There was this huge night market there which sells nice clothes and very cheap shoes! There was a fashion mall nearby too where I grabbed another two pairs of shoes! So cheap, so nice!

I guess this night market opens till late coz when we were getting ready to leave at 9+ or 10, there were a few stalls which was just getting ready to start their businesses. Will definitely be back here next time!

Bought back supper coz we were hungry by then! Had roti prata, chicken rice, otah, coconut jelly and Smirnoff to satisfy our growling tummies!

Went back to Number 1, this time for thai massage! So so good too! We both fell into deep sleep even though the masseur really used ALOT of strength during the massage! Felt so rejuvenated after that. Extreme shiokness!

Day 4

Nothing much. Just some last minute shopping and lunch at the airport. And home we go! =)

Shall end the post with this last picture of us taken in the plane. Can see that we were both VERY TIRED. Me and my mini eyes. Anyway, was glad that we FINALLY travelled together! It was a good and different experience! Hope you feel the same too! =D

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