Thursday, 5 December 2013

#017 - Shane Filan's "You and Me" Showcase @ Zouk!

A backdated entry!! Finally I'm gonna blog about the showcase I attended with @jmacbrownie earlier last month!

No need to guess who coz I've long posted the album on my FB. Lol. Anyway, it was a last minute decision, or rather an opportunity which came pretty last minute, for us to attend Shane Filan's debut showcase! We were suppose to just meet for dinner at my neighborhood mall. Hahaha.

So we were given a pair of tickets to the showcase by Miss Long's very kind friend Maureen and we were there very early to queue and it was all worthwhile coz we ended up having VIP passes! YAY!~

So..what's good about having a VIP pass? It can only be this...

Getting up close with Shane Filan himself! Each of us got the chance to shake his hand and speak to him for awhile. Like..2 seconds. LOL. But good enough coz he seems really sincere! And here's our group shot! I could have stood next to him! But I shy so I moved to stand beside @jmacbrownie instead. 我活该.

Then we moved to the stage area and waited for everything to start. We were standing right in front of the stage, WITH NO GAP IN BETWEEN. He was so near, too near! I can only see his chin and his perfect upper set of teeth when I look up. Lolol. But all is good when he stepped back a little. I've got a few decent photos of him!

But everything ended too soon! Only 5 songs and then he was gone...Only left us with the backdrop. 

A huge shot of my face coz toilet's lighting was good! =D On a side note, my hair is getting too long and wispy. Time for a cut!

And a couple of last photos to share before I end the post, for L.M.Y and my own remembrance sake, on the most throw-face thing that we've ever done together. >.<

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