Thursday, 31 October 2013

#014 - S.H.E 2GETHER 4EVER Concert Singapore 2013

As what's stated from the title, I'm gonna blog about S.H.E's concert which just happened last Saturday!! Even though it's already over, I still feel super happy over it! It was so so SO AWESOME CAN! Feeling was totally indescribable!

So backtrack a little to earlier that day! Met up with Sab and Sher for our late brunch cum dinner at Kith Cafe @ Park Mall. We were all decked in super bright neon colors for the day which we discussed since months ago! If you have seen my instagram picture, you would have known that I looked like a yellow lightstick that day. HAHA.

Loved how my hair looked when I was done preparing! Nice, wavy and curly locks! Too bad it didn't look like that when the day ended. Mehhh. So time to see how bright I looked if you haven't. Paired my neon T-shirt dress with a colorful necklace which I randomly picked off the shelves at one of the pull cart stores at Cineleisure. Super matching right! =D

Yay, so finally met up with the 2 lovelies and there we were waiting for seats at Kith Cafe! Both wearing stockings, so sexayyyy.

And surely, you can't tell she's a mama of 2! SO SLIM! Envy of so many!!


We were famished by the time we got a seat coz it's already 3+ in the afternoon! Ordered 2 mains and 1 side to share! Thankful that we did not order more coz the portions were HUGE! Favourite is the truffle fries! YUMSSS.

Ate and chatted and soon it was time to leave for the stadium! We were inviting stares coz we were really too bright la! Hahaha. Anybody can spot us from afar! 

Met up with YF, and we thank him for being so sporting to dress up in bright green too! But as what he mentioned, he looked totally harmless standing beside me coz I was almost glowing, or rather my dress was glowing throughout. Lol. Lots of time to spare, so took many more pictures! Bright and eye-catching we might be, but we looked so nice and colorful in pictures!

终于,我们进场咯!!My first time stepping into the indoor stadium! Also my first time taking photos with such familiar background which I always see on FB! =D

Instruction guide to Singapore Fans' Surprise to S.H.E! 他们真的很有心!

Super like this picture!! <3

Ready for some S.H.E's pictures? I'm so excited to share coz I managed to capture some really nice and sharp photos!! Check them out! =D

They are soooooo super pretty! They were so interactive and I love their voices and songs! I was so high during the entire concert and I cannot stop screaming! Lolollll.

Gonna end this post with the climax of the concert which I managed to video it down. Will post more videos of the concert soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this! =)

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