Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#015 - We've got a flat!

As what the title states, we have successfully gotten a flat! We were one of the lucky ones who managed to get a flat on our first try! We were so happy when we received that that fateful email from HDB coz I was hoping so hard that we could get it! Central location is so AWESOME! =D

Was up really early today coz it's our appointment day for unit selection! Decided to head to the HDB Hub early to have a final look at the display models before making our final decision!

We were contemplating between 2 units and were still undecided even when our queue number was being called upon. But after some calls and further consideration, we finally decided on the unit that we first set our eyes on. After all, we believe that the first choice should always be the best choice. Don't want any regrets! =)

With the patient and friendly HDB CSO's assistance, very quickly we completed the necessary procedure and there we are, a step nearer to having our own home!

Felt so excited and relieved at the same time after everything was done!

Hopefully everything will look as good as it seems to be!

After making our big decision, our 胃口大开 and so we headed to Swatow Seafood Restaurant for some dim sum goodness! =D

Did not take many nice pictures today, so just a couple of food items for recommendation sake!

A very interesting dish here. Crispy Durian and Prawn Roll. Prawns were fresh and we could distinctively taste the durian without having it overpowering the sweetness of the prawns! YUMS!

No dim sum meal is complete for me without a 流沙包 now! The milky and flowy salted egg yolk within the pandan-flavoured bun is major love! <3

Ordered other items like Pan-fried carrot cake, Lor Mai Gai, Rice Rolls with char siew and Char Siew buns too. All taste pretty good except for the rice rolls.

Went by this Yellow Submarines place, which seems pretty popular in the area during lunch time. Looks like another Subway to me, but I'm definitely interested to try it out the next time I'm at TPY! =)

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