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#013 - QQ's Post-Bday Trip (To KL)!

Mehhh. Feeling so nua and restless on this rainy Saturday, partly because of the weather and also coz I'm sick (AGAIN!) =( Sore throat, flu, cough and fever. They all come in a package I suppose, always 形影不离 I call it. Oh well! Guess it's the best time to pen down my trip details! =)

12 Oct 2013

Day 1 of our trip! Yay! Had been looking forward to the trip for a few weeks and was glad that it was finally here! Though it was just a short trip to Kuala Lumpur, a trip is still a trip! Totally worth the excitement! Our flight was in the late afternoon, but I did not have any breakfast or lunch or brunch. So the first thing we did after checking in was to run to the nearest eatery to have a bite! Decided on Pappamia coz I wanted some soupy stuff. Food was not bad, no complains coz I was looking forward to the food that we can have in KL!

In-flight journey was only 40 minutes so I did not take any nap. Just took many many photos! Nothing better to do in that limited space. Hehe.

Super loving my new knitted wear from ShopLobello! It's an upcoming piece which spells both comfort and chic! Don't you all love the sweet colors all put together? Do look out for it in ShopLobello's next launch! For more previews, do check out their Facebook page and Instagram too! =)

And so, we have reached KL! For those who have not been there, or those who will be traveling there soon, note that there is this express train which travels to and fro KLIA and KL Sentral. RM35 per person per way. Not exactly very cheap, but surely a better option than to be stuck in their crazy traffic jam!

We bought the tickets for a return trip to save the trouble of queuing twice. Sad thing is there is no discount in price even if you purchase a return ticket. Meh. Anyway, it takes 28 minutes to reach KL Sentral from KLIA. Sounds long, but it really was a very quick journey.

Had to change to a monorail in order to reach our hotel, which was located at Chinatown area. The nearest monorail station to our hotel was Maharajalela. Quite a mouthful to read it out I feel. Haha.

Almost got lost while searching for the hotel coz we were walking in the opposite direction! Thankfully, we decided to print out our hotel map from Agoda the day before! Phew! What a relief! So we found our hotel, Mirama Hotel, which was about 7-8 minutes walk away from the station. Was pretty satisfied with the room coz it was clean, cosy and spacious enough!

Then we quickly headed out for dinner! To Petaling Jaya we go! =D

Decided on zi char dinner for the first night coz I wanted to eat crabs so badly! BUT I VERY SAD COZ THE CRABS WERE ALL SOLD OUT! *Cries

So we ordered white clams, squid, hotplate tofu, and broccoli. Quite alot for 2 pax right? But that's not all! We found online that there is this famous Portuguese Grilled Fish, and we can't possibly miss it, so we tried! YUMS! Fish was really fresh and juicy! Totally worth the 20 minutes wait!

Shopped abit and went back to hotel already! Bought these 2 bottles of cheapo vodka back to hotel to try but eee...taste quite bad!

13 Oct 2013

Day 2! Woke up to a bright and sunny day! Agenda for the day is just shopping! And of course food! Not much of a view from our room coz we were facing the roads. Lol. Hotel breakfast was so-so. Simple, traditional breakfast. But I pretty like how they made the cafe look like an old-school coffeeshop.

Sungei Wang Plaza for the day! Shopped until our legs nua.

We have no cravings for lunch and we chanced upon this rooftop hawker centre at Sungei Wang, so we gave it a try! My Mala Ban Mian was not bad, but I'm not sure about his pig organs' soup. Way too porky for me. And he even ordered additional 猪血, which I totally refused to try no matter how tasteless he told me it was. I just cannot bring myself to put it into my mouth. >.<

Done with Sungei Wang and we headed back to Chinatown again! First thing we did was to order instant mee goreng from this auntie! Sure, it's just a normal pack of mee goreng which you can just buy off the shelves at any supermarket and cook at home, BUT IT SMELLS SO GOOD! Haha! So we couldn't resist the temptation and filled abit of our stomach space with this yummy bowl of mee goreng!

Shopped abit more at Chinatown before heading back to wash up and our plan was to go for a good massage and then steamboat at this Farmland Restaurant after that. However, things didn't really go as planned...

The hotel staff recommended us to this newly opened massage place called Ossoto which was nearby and it was mentioned that many young people go to this place. So we went as directed, to a building which I wasn't sure why it wasn't really named. The valet parking staff then directed us up to the fifth level where he mentioned the massage parlour was. When inside the lift we were actually quite worried that it would be a dirty, sleazy place. But it turned out to be the opposite. The whole place looked posh, to be exact, WAY TOO POSH. Haha. Coz totally different from what we expected la.

Then we were asked to check-in. At that point of time we were seriously confused. We only wanted a massage, why do we need to check-in? So it turned out that we gotta pay an entrance fee and we can enjoy the facilities and some of the services that they provide. We gotta top-up for massage though. There is sauna, fish spa, free food and beverages, gym facilities, table-tennis room, movie theatre, internet cafe, VIP resting room, even a mini hair salon and nail parlor. All sounds pretty nice right?

I think I would enjoy it better if I were to visit them again next time coz I would know what to expect. The feeling that I had that night was really more of FEAR. Lol. Coz the guys and girls were led to their lockers separately and even the massage place was on different levels. And the route to the massage area was soooo dark that I was given the feeling that even if I was raped or killed also nobody knows! And the worst thing is we have no form of communication! So I guess it's normal for me to be scared right? Some more we are in a foreign country...

Luckily my masseur was a really nice Thai lady whom I chatted with for awhile, so I feel abit more relaxed. After the massage I went to the common dining area to wait for QQ, and boy I was SO HAPPY AND RELIEVED to see him again after the two long hours. Like seriously. Haha. Oh and did I not mention that we have to change into their set of clothes? Initially, I thought it makes us look like we are at some home. No offense at all, but I have to agree when he told me looks more like a 疯人院. >.< But I think it's really because we were unsure of what to expect and everything looks and feels too good to be true, so there comes all the unnecessary suspicions. 

Anyway, it was truly an experience la. Would be good to go there with a few good friends or family members just to relax and fully utilise the facilities and services! Might go back some day!


Very quickly, we are down to day 3! Breakfast was slightly better than the previous day's! And I was feeling so nua that I went for breakfast bare-faced. >.< The picture that you see below would be his favourite pic of me which looks like I fell asleep eating. LOL.

Shopping at Berjaya Times Square. Lunch at Absolute Thai. As disappointing as the one we had in Singapore. So yup, no more chance I guess.

Krispy Kreme donuts! Yummy tea-time snack, and best thing? NO NEED TO QUEUE! =D

Some taiwanese sausage with chili powder. Taste better when left out in the cold! LOL.

One of my favourite buys! BROWN! Cute right!!

After shopping, headed back to the hotel to get our luggage and off we go to KLIA again.

MOON! Another of LINE messenger's character. Love the tee so super much!

Final meal at Nööödles before we board the plane.

See you again soon KL! =)

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