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055 - Steigen Exalt Laundry System

Have you ever had a stench/damp smell on your newly-washed clothes?

Have you ever had difficulty putting heavy bed sheets out to dry?

Have you ever had bamboo poles almost falling onto your head when you try to hang the clothes up for some indoor drying?

If you answered YES to one or even all three questions, I’ve got the perfect solution for you!!

Started in 2013, Steigen focus on resolving Singapore's laundry woes by incorporating the best of German technology to raise the standards in quality, efficiency and design for automated laundry systems.

Steigen re-defined indoor laundry drying experience with automated laundry systems that are specially designed and invented for consumers. It provides innovative solutions to dispel indoor drying conundrums.

Safe and Effortless
Operating with remote control, the system lift up to 35 kg of clothes in a touch. That's about two full loads of clothes! And as you can see, the remote is detachable from its casing, so just put it where you think it's convenient; by the wall, on the fridge, in the drawer. Anywhere! :)

Energy Saving
The entire unit, even with Solar functions, can be powered simply with a lighting point. It dramatically reduces the energy consumption as compared to electric dryers and has an energy saving function to shut off the Solar tubes and fans automatically after 2 hours. The LED lamp can double up as the service yard lighting. Who needs dryers when you can save time, save money and at the same time save energy with a better-looking service yard?

Quality and Performance
Incorporating German designed motor, reinforced hanger rods and upgraded circuit board, the system is built to last. Tested to withstand at least 100,000 cycles of usage, the laundry system is expected to last for around 20 years of motor usage.

Apart from the above already-superb features, Steigen's signature Solar series have three other key features that consumers are excited about.
True Indoor Sun Drying

Steigen’s Solar series uses a unique air circulator design to ensure warmth of the Sun is deliver to all clothes hanging on the rack. Solar will dry your delicate clothing at a range of 34 to 35 degree celsius, equivalent to the temperature of the sun during noon hours.

Fabric Care
It is created to bring all the benefits of Sun drying at your convenience. Solar mimics the gentle warmth of the Sun and dries your laundry in the most delicate way to bring out the natural fluffiness of your clothes. The only difference between Solar and the sun is that it contains no ultra-violet that may cause your clothes to fade.

Steigen’s Solar series not only speeds up laundry drying but also ensure wellness your family is taken care of. The warmth of the Solar helps eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and prevents musty odour.

If words are too much for you to absorb and imagine how good this automated laundry system is, go have a look at this short video!


In summary, the Exalt + Solar:

ü  Has 2 solar tubes and 2 air circulators to simulate sun drying effect and increase drying speed, so the average drying duration is now at an average of 1-2 hours. Meaning even in the wee hours of the night, your clothes enjoy the warmth of sunlight like no others!

ü No additional cost incurred because the solar tubes and air circulators will be automatically turned off after 2 hours.

ü Like any other home devices that you have, there is a battery-operated remote device for your easy control of the system. You can easily use the remote to pause it to your desired height! So don't worry if you are very tall or not-so-tall, all can be personalised to your own preference! No more neck and back pain! 😁

ü Rods are extendable and adjustable to suit your everyday needs such as your king-sized bedsheets, your heavy quilt blanket and clothes of everyone in your big family. Apart from its side-folding scissor and steel cable for stability, it has a colossal capacity of 35kg (which is about two full loads of clothes), so no worries about it not being able to handle all your linens!

ü The Exalt Solar also comes in a sleek and stylish design with white powder coating finish, which is one of the most important feature to me! I mean, who would not want every single part of their house to look as good as possible after spends tens of thousands on house renovation right? Furthermore, white would practically go well with every theme you have for your house as compared to other basic colours like silver, black or grey.

ü The most important point of all is that it comes with obstacle detection safety measure. With a light touch on the smart sensor, the system will immediately stop its motion to prevent hitting any other objects.

ü Tested to withstand at least 100,000 cycles of usage, the laundry system is expected to last for around 20 years of motor usage.

If you are still not buying the idea of doing indoor laundry-drying, think; 

  • No wet weather to spoil your decision of wearing your favorite dress out for your important date tonight.
  • No inconsiderate neighbors putting out their dripping-wet mops to dry.
  • No droppings of the heartless birds flying out there. 
  • No mischievous kids dumping their wastes out of the window.

There you have all the valid reasons to do indoor laundry-drying. Honestly speaking, there is no exaggeration when I list out all these reasons because I've heard so much from my friends and colleagues.

So if you are as convinced as I am to get the Steigen Exalt Laundry System for your home, here's a great deal for you.    

Enjoy $50 off your Steigen Exalt + Solar system by entering "STEIGEN50" at checkout in the following link:
Else, you can contact them via email or mobile at and 8818 6588 respectively.

If you would like to have a look and feel of the Steigen laundry systems, head on to the retailers listed HERE who are selling them!

For more information, do follow Steigen Singapore on their Facebook page! 😄

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