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054 - J&J Hair Identity (NATULIQUE Natural Hair Colours)

Friends and family around me would know that I have very thick hair since birth, and now that I have grown it to almost waist-length, the handling and maintenance takes a lot of time, effort and of course, Money.

So being the thrifty me, I will usually use off-the-shelves hair dye, mask and treatment for my hair. The last when I went to a hair salon was more than a year ago, when I finally decided to have my hair bleached to get the ash colour that I’ve always wanted. But of course, the colour did not last and soon I was left with yellowish and dry hair. No matter how I try to cover up the unsightly hair colour with a darker shade, it will always fade to this ugly yellow after a few washes, making it look almost hay-like.

So I was truly thrilled to learn that I was given the opportunity to pamper my hair at J&J Hair Identity salon with NATULIQUE hair colours.

NATULIQUE Professional Natural Hair Colours is strictly designed with the focus on natural ingredients that provide a more gentle hair colour and extra conditioning. A unique and exclusive formula that includes added pure natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil and apricot seed oil, which enables us to create pleasant to use hair colour with less chemicals and with better functionality.


What Makes NATULIQUE Natural Colours Different?
  • 100% Ammonia-Free
  • 100% Lauryl Sulfate-Free
  • 100% Parabens Free
  • 100% Grey Hair Coverage
  •  98.02% derived from natural sources
  • Pleasant Mild Odour
  • With Natural Ingredients

NATULIQUE Natural Colours are made with certified organic and natural ingredients that are designed to work together to provide a more natural hair colour, extra conditioning and superior comfort. Wait a second, by natural hair colour do you mean that we can only choose our colours from brown and more brown?

The answer is NO! Surprise! They offer 73 fabulous shades that can suit your every need with the maximum gentleness!


The unrivaled quality of this ECOCERT certified hair care product can only be attributed to the passion and dedication involved in creating hair care products that outperforms even the most established brands in the professional hair care market.


Located at Katong Square (next to I12), J&J Hair Identity is a clean and spacious hair salon in Singapore that has been tastefully renovated. I love the exterior so much that I’m actually looking at having a similar concept for my new house that I’m getting soon!


I had my appointment made at 1.30pm, and even though I reached slightly earlier, I was attended to quickly by Jac, the Salon Manager and Lead Designer. Served with a drink and some snacks, I sat down with Jac and he asked for my preferences before going on to recommend me the few colours that would be more suitable for me. I really like it that he takes the effort to listen patiently and understand customers’ needs and wants before giving any further advice. Jac and his partners recognize that different customers have different desires and needs with regards to their hair, and so they came out with a T.O.P formula that focuses bringing out every customers’ identity and individuality through a sequential process.


Texture                : To analyse customers’ hair texture to define suitable solutions

Originality           : To consider customers’ original face features to give suitable hairdos that bring out the key features

Personality         : To bring out customers’ personality by understanding customers’ professions and their lifestyle preferences


With that formula in mind, Jac and I took a good 10-15 minutes discussion before finally deciding on the hair colour that I want. I wanted something dark to cover my yellow hair, and something that would not fade back to the current shade. So he recommended Black Violet, which I am very much pleased with the end result.


So this is my hair before the colour treatment. Seriously, saying that it looks like hay is not an understatement!


Because my hair has two contrasting tones and I did some DIY dyeing to my hair previously, some parts of my hair couldn’t absorb the colour well and turned out patchy. This can only be seen after all the waiting, washing and blow-drying. But Jac was really nice to ask if I was in a hurry, coz if I am not, he can help me fix it. So at this point, I was really surprised at his level of service and his dedication to want to let his customers leave his salon happy and beyond satisfied. As I was on leave that day and my only plan was just to have my hair done, so I gladly let Jac fix my hair with his magic hands!


After another hour of waiting, washing, blow-drying and this time, curling, this is the final product!


I am so super pleased with the outcome. It may look just black in this picture, but under sunlight there is a hint of burgundy in my hair, which I love! What’s more is that my hair looks shiny and healthy, and really smooth and soft to the touch.


Jac left me alone to take my selfies with the ring light, and here are more of me with beautiful hair and flawless complexion. Haha!


3 days after the colour treatment – the purple in my hair has gotten a little more obvious, and my hair still feeling soft even after a few washes!


To everyone who is reading this, I'll strongly recommend you to J&J Hair Identity if you are looking to put your hair into good hands. For myself, this will definitely not be my last visit to this salon given that I’ve had such a wonderful experience. Do remember to make an appointment before going down as Jac and his partner could be busy with other customers. I have seen it myself that Jac has his own regulars coming to him while I was waiting for my hair to be done, even on a quiet Monday.


If you would like to read more reviews on J&J Hair Identity and NATULIQUE products, click HERE!


88 East Coast Road #02-11

Singapore 423371


Tel: 6344 2388


Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 11am – 9pm

Sat-Sun: 10.30am – 8pm

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