Monday, 7 September 2015

047 - David Loh Surgery Aesthetic Clinic

Omg omg omg! I did something which I never thought I would do. Ok, actually it is something I have ever thought of doing, but never expected myself to really do it. And the thought of doing it would not have crossed my mind because it's not permanent, it's expensive and I am trying really hard to save my money for better use, like paying for my house.

But hey! I got the chance to do it for free and I thought to myself "Why not?" After all, it is not going to stay permanently and so if it's really bad it's only here to stay for at most a year.

So yeah, a month ago I did something to my face. Not something major like going under the knife for double eyelids or something although I wish I have nicer eyelids so I do not have to always paste double eyelid stickers. So, 我没有动刀可是我动针 >.< I did fillers on my nose and my cheeks. This was decided after consultation with Dr Phoon Yi Shan at David Loh Surgery, an established aesthetic clinic since 2002.

Frankly speaking, I was really nervous during the consultation because it's my face we are talking about and it doesn't help with all the "what-ifs" coming to my mind. But Dr Phoon was really nice and friendly. She first asked if there was any area which I was dissatisfied with before she went on to take a closer look and gave recommendations. I thought it was really good and professional for her to do so because she will know the patient's wants, and patient can really think through what he/ she wants to be done on the face and patient will not be easily wavered and obliged to do according to what the doctor recommends.

So I told Dr Phoon that I would like some enhancements on my nose and cheeks because I don't really have an obvious nose bridge and my face is quite flat when viewed from the side. So I would like to have these areas more defined so as to sharpen my features. And so she agreed with my views and thought other than the fillers on my nose and cheeks, I could do with a little botox on my jaws too! Just to make my chubby face look smaller! Hehe!

So now let's have the pictures do the talking!

While undergoing the procedure.

The first item on the list was fillers for the cheeks. So, my cheeks were iced and numbed with anesthetic before a blunt needle was used to inject the fillers. Sounds pretty scary, but the pain was really quite alright. The not-so-bearable pain was when I took the jab for anesthetic on my nose. The needle went right through my nose starting from my nose tip. And that was really ouch. But after that, no more pain except for a little force required for the molding of the nose shape. 

Botox was the left for the last and I hardly felt a thing. Now that's a relief!

Some before and after pictures! Please pardon my bad skin condition that day! >.<

Now you can see how flat my cheeks really were and how that bit of fillers helped to lift my whole face! But of course you may first notice the difference in my nose, that it's much higher with a more defined nose bridge! You can see a faint red mark on my jaw because that's where the botox was being injected.

Here's a picture I took straight after touching up with make up. Lucky for me, there were no bruises. The nose may look kinda exaggerated for a start, but after a week or so the fillers will slowly settle in and will look more natural.

One with the young and pretty Dr Phoon Yi Shan. For more information on the treatments and procedures, please check out their website here.

Some more pictures I took to compare how the fillers on my face look over a period of time.

One day after procedure.

Three days after procedure.

One month after procedure.

Love their philosophy of aiming to help one look better, but not different. And they really do what they preach. =)

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