Monday, 15 June 2015

042 - Skin Shape Club LHE Facial Program

Beautiful, healthy looking skin radiates health and well-being, youth and vitality. But sometimes, nature needs a little help to bring our inner beauty out.

I have been introduced to Skin Shape Club by Sample Store, to try out the Skin Shaper Facial which uses the light and heat energy to help achieve younger and healthier looking skin. This facial program is designed by medical and derma experts from overseas and locals using trademark registered LHE technology for skin rejuvenation, collagen renewal (yay!) and acne clearance. With 3in1 skincare treatment, you can walk out of the Skin Shape Club looking better and more confident!

I am given 4 sessions of the LHE Photorejuvenation Treatment at Skin Shape Club, which is located conveniently at Orchard Central. Ladies working nearby can easily go for the 30-minute treatment during lunch break. =)

I was attended by the pretty and sweet Jasmine on my first session and I was led to a small but cosy room to have my particulars filled up and had my body mass and weight measured too! I do not know how they do it, but I was told that my body age is only 17! So my body age and how I look actually tally! >.< Hehe.

I was brought into the treatment room thereafter where I was to change into a robe and I had my things locked with the keys safely tied to my wrist. =) Also, if you're scared of being cold (like me), don't worry coz the bed has a warmer beneath it! You can lay there comfortably and have a good nap!

So the treatment started with my face being thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated to remove impurities and dead skin cells for better penetration of the light heat energy. The LHE applicator was placed onto the skin where pulses of light will be administered. There will be a warm sensation as the gentle pulses of light and heat energy penetrate deep into the skin. Overall it was a comfortable treatment with no pain, except that the warm sensation is stronger near the eye area as the skin in this area is more sensitive.

When the treatment was done, I was then led to the lounge area where I had some health snacks prepared for me. I was pleasantly surprised with this and the salad tasted super yummy!

I had my second session of the treatment the following week as it was recommended to complete the 4 sessions with 4-7days interval for best results. This time round I was attended to by Audrey, a quiet and sweet girl too. She saw that I had a bad flu and prepared a vitamin C drink for me instead of the usual tea when preparing my health snack. Little actions like this really warms the heart! =D

My third and fourth session alternated with Jasmine and Audrey, each time making me feel so comfortable that I had a hard time leaving the comfy bed. Not to mention the health snacks which I look forward to after every treatment too!

Below are the photos taken after my first session and fourth session. Both taken under the same strong white light. Both photos are taken with the same camera and no edits done. My skin is significantly less dull and area beneath my eyes appear to be lighter too!

Go check out Skin Shape Club's Facebook page for more information on current promotions! =)

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