Sunday, 21 December 2014

037 - MU MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink


As you would have known by now, my face to me is of utmost importance as compared to the rest of my body. I spend so much time, effort and $$ on skincare, makeup and even supplements just to have good skin! And my latest obsession is now anything collagen - all just to have doink doink skin!

Have been on the search for the right collagen drink for my skin in this past 6 months, and boy was I glad to be invited to try out the MU MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink!

Just a little extra information for all of you out there. Why is collagen so important?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body needed to maintain the structure and density of your skin. Collagen proteins derived from fish contain high amounts of amino acids and peptides directly involved in the formation of collagen and elastin. Approximately 80% of young and heaalthy skin is made up of collagen. However, our skin gradually loses the ability to regenerate naturally and produces less collagen in our mid-30s. Around 35 and 55 years of age, the level of collagen drops to 40%, resulting in the loss of firmness and the formation of wrinkles.

Although I still have a good 10 years before I reach 35, I would not want to start replenishing my collagen only when I have lost them! I want my skin to be firm for as long as they can!

The MU MIEUX Collagen Mu Nutrition+ by Mary Chia is formulated with BHN (Marine) Collagen, and enriched with Ceramide and Apple extract for enhanced skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity. Every bottle of MIEUX (50ml) contains 3000mg BHN Collagen and 10mg Ceramide and it is recommended that 1 bottle is to be consumed per day, on a daily basis.

Each box of MIEUX contains 8 bottles of the beauty drink and I have just finished my last bottle last night! I took this premium collagen product nightly just before bedtime as recommended so that I can wake up to beautiful skin! Do remember to chill the drink before consumption for best enjoyment! I love the fruity taste of the drink and note that 50ml is just about the right amount for me! I have tried other brands of collagen drink, with each bottle at 30ml and I have always felt that the amount was too little! The bottle of beauty was gone even before I can fully enjoy it.

Have taken a Before and After picture of my face on the first and last day of drinking the beauty drink. Was a little reluctant to post it coz my complexion on the first day was pretty bad due to a sudden breakout. But glad that my face is almost back to its normal state now!

Although there's a difference in lighting, to me, my pores have become visibly smaller and skin has become firmer and more supple too! Scars too, have lightened by quite a fair bit! =)

Readers Exclusive!

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Call 1800 250 2001 for redemption! =)

Promo is valid from 1st Feb to 31st Mar 2015.

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