Wednesday, 3 December 2014

036 - Contours Express

Ever since my last zumba session from almost a year ago (I think), I haven't exercised for a single bit. I was contemplating whether to accept the campaign for Contours Express which included a 29-minute personalised workout session. I decided to do it anyway, thinking it's high time I get my muscles moving and fats going. Lol.

Contours Express is an international franchise gym exclusive for women. 

I went to the club at Jurong East, which is the nearest one to my place and you can find the whole list of clubs HERE. They have Contours Express Clubs all over Singapore, each located for your convenience.

When I first stepped into the club, I was a little surprised, because it was much cozier than I thought. There was a friendly trainer and I felt comfortable when I was inside because people inside were all ladies and I was pretty sure I would not be getting weird stares as when compared to a public gym. I bet you know what I mean.

My friendly trainer, Thiba, got me started with a short questionnaire to get to know my body and my concerns before planning out the suitable training for me. We tested for my amount of body fats too and  although I am underweight, my body fat is still too high for my age and would require some improvement. 

My total fat weight is 12.5kg (sounds heavy right, I imagined 12.5kg worth of lumpy fats in my body. Yuck!) and is split into 3 parts; Essential fat, Reserve fat and Excess fat. Thankfully I have no excess fats and Thiba told me that it is quite rare that people have no excess fats at all and that is very good! =D

And so we got started with some warm-up and I realised that I was really weak coz I was already panting when warming up! Lousy me!

The circuit training included alternating machines and board exercises, each for 45 seconds. 45 seconds may sound like a short while, but it isn't really that short when you're doing the exercises! Thiba guided me closely for each station and taught me the right way of breathing which helped in achieving the outcome that I want.

I did 2 rounds of the circuit training and Thiba shared some useful stretching tips which will help in strengthening muscles and relieving back pain. Really appreciate that! By the end of my workout session, I was so tired but I was glad that I am finally moving my muscles hard enough. I could really feel the right areas stretching and tightening with Thiba's guidance and this is what we probably can't find in regular gyms. I will just do what I think feels right in gyms, without knowing if I am really doing it right. Not a good thing to do because you might hurt yourself unknowingly!

Me at one of the machine station. Maybe seem easy, but I guess I am really too weak to say it's easy!

Thiba guiding one of the members when I was done with my session.

Demo of the board exercises playing, and we just have to follow suit! Comes in 2 levels. Moderate and Advance!

Can opt for the advance one if you have got good coordination!

You can now redeem a circuit training session at Contours Express from Sample Store and stand a chance to win 15 sessions of circuit training worth $299!

All you need to do is to:

1. Upon receiving your complimentary voucher (valid till 31 January 2015), call Contours Express at 1800-2668687 and choose your preferred center to book an appointment.
2. Present the voucher when you arrive for your appointment.
3. Post a selfie of yourself working out and a review of your free trial experience at Contours Express at
4. In your review, tell us why you deserve to win 15 sessions of circuit training at Contours Express worth S$299!
5. Closing date for contest is until 31 December 2014 so hurry and redeem your complimentary voucher and book your appointment before 31 December 2014 to participate in this contest!
6. Contest winners will be announced on 5 January 2015 via email.

P.S Fret not if you didn’t manage to book your appointment before 31 December 2014 to participate in this contest, your complimentary voucher is still valid till 31 January 2015 so you can still book your appointment before then!

Good luck all!

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