Thursday, 13 November 2014

034 - Reduze Pro

I know I am not the best person to be introducing a weight loss supplement because almost everyone around me thinks I am too thin. But hey, friends close enough would know that I am not thin throughout la. I have my own fatty trouble areas too! >.<

So when Sample Store invited me to the Reduze Pro campaign, I was more than happy to try it out! Other than being an extra strength weight loss supplement, Reduze Pro works as a body cleansing and detox supplement too. This was also one of the major reasons why I decided to try this out! Coz I have too much toxins and waste within me! You must be wondering how I know right? Easy. I have super infrequent bowel movements in other words, constipation. =x

Reduze Pro contains a triple action detox formula which:

1. Rebalance gut flora
    - Increase weight loss bacteria
    - Decrease weight gain bacteria

2. Improve digestive function
    - Increase bowel frequency
    - Reduce fat/ toxin accumulation

3. Allows sustainable weight loss
    - Increase fat metabolism
    - Increase satiety

Facts and Figures:
- 8X more weight loss
- +52% bowel frequency
- -29% calorie intake
- 20 billion live probiotics per dose

According to the International Journal of obesity published in 2010, weight loss release excess toxins into the body. Therefore, it is important to detoxify your body the same time when you start a weight loss regime.

Direction of use:
For normal effect, take 2 capsules once daily before food.
For fast effect, take up to 3 capsules once daily before food. When the desired effect is achieved, reduce dosage back to 2 capsules daily.

As mentioned earlier in the post, I said I have some trouble areas which I'm really concerned about so I took some measurements of my thighs, hoping to see some results after taking the supplement! Apart from my thighs, I took measurement of my tummy too! Flatter tummy please! No girl will mind having a smaller waist! =D

Left thigh (before): 18.5 inches

Left thigh (after): 18.1 inches

Right thigh (before): 18.9 inches

Right thigh (after): 18.5 inches

Tummy (before): 25 inches

Tummy (after): 24.3 inches

As seen from the pictures, the size of my thigh has reduced by a significant bit given that I have only taken the supplement for 2 weeks! Same for tummy! They are not lying when they say it helps to flatten the tummy! Other than these visible results, I now visit the toilet more regularly to clear my bowels too! I believe it's the supplement working for my body because there was no change in my diet except for a decrease in appetite which led to lesser calorie intake each day. I do not feel lethargic nor do I have any side effects from the pills and in fact I feel that I have a brighter complexion now too! Could be one of the wonders of detoxing! =D

Reduze Pro can be found at Guardian, John Little, Metro, NTUC Fairprice, Robinson, Sasa, Unity and Watsons.

If you are lazy (like me), you can get Reduze Pro online too at Rakuten! Best thing is you can get $10 off your purchase (minimum spending of $128 - which is the cost of 1 box of Reduze Pro) simply by keying in the discount code "REDUZEPRO10" before making your payment. Please note that the codes are all in uppercase and each coupon can only be used once per member. The shopper must logged in as a member of Rakuten to use the coupon! Do note that the discount coupon is not applicable with any other discounts and the coupon is valid from 17 Nov till 31 Dec 2014. =)

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