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033 - QQ's Birthday 2014

Finally some personal stuff on this space.

Shall kick off with QQ's birthday celebration this year! We celebrated it over a few days because it was a long weekend! And we extended it to an even longer weekend coz we had leave to clear! Our initial plan was to fly to somewhere to celebrate, but as the date drew nearer and we still had no clue where to go, we gave up the idea of flying and decided to stay in Singapore instead.

3 Oct 2014

The start of our long weekend! Met up at Holland Village for our Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao Steamboat buffet! But because we opted for the supper timing, we had lots of time to kill before we can have our 'supper'. The supper steamboat buffet starts at 10.15pm and ends at 11.45pm. Each adult costs $25.90++, comes with free flow xlb and drinks!

BUT. I was hungry way before that. My stomach was growling at like 7plus? Meh. So we went to the food centre opposite to grab some small bites and chit chat until almost 10pm! Finally time for a proper meal!

Looking young that day! Definitely don't look 32 like that! =)
Tee from Phuket!

First round!

Not sure if we were lousy, but we can only manage 5 longs of xlb in total. We had ordered a 6th, but decided to return it to them coz we were too full!!

We were suppose to finish eat by 11.45pm, but we stayed on until slightly after midnight coz we were not done with our food! >.< So needless to say, we were the last table to leave. Hehe. A duper filling meal! 

4 Oct 2014

His actual birthday! We had planned to go for dim sum brunch at Ah Yat but had to cancel coz we were still full from the previous night! Plus, it was a rainy morning so we decided to sleep in! Woke up only at noon to slowly prepare for the day. Decided to go for light hi-tea, although it's still a buffet. But really, it's light la.

Did my curls using my Babyliss Pro! It looks so nice and bouncy!

We went to Albert Cafe at Albert Court and although the variety of food wasn't that great, the place was pretty nice and cosy. =)

Please don't be mistaken that the place is empty without any customers. I took this after everybody left!

Looking pretty happy with the food!

We had a slow walk around the vicinity as it was not often that we go out dating on a weekend. So we walk walk and take pictures!

I had a a deep cut on my leg right after this photo coz there was a sharp edge at the corner of the table jutting out. And all I can do was to see blood slowly oozing out. No more nice legs.

But that cut is not gonna ruin my day! Continue taking photos!

Saw this nice grass patch at Laselle and can't help sitting on it to take a photo! Love this photo coz it makes my legs look longgggg..

Went to explore the building and up on the bridge!

This photo is damn throw face. But I still post it anyway. So this is why I fail as a model. The expression cmi. Lol.

Our stomachs have really shrunk over these few months and we were still super full from high tea even till 8+pm.

We moved on to Cuppage at Orchard and settled down at Harry's to catch a soccer match. Can't remember if it was a Liverpool game.

Ordered a bucket of HPL to share!

Happy birthday boy! Got him a slice of his favourite fruit cake!

A helpful staff offered himself to help us take a photo! =D

Our shared dinner. Too full from tea to manage anything else.

Home sweet home~~

6 Oct 2014

It's a trip to JB again! We started the day early and reach there at about 11am! Went to Neway for their KLunch! Their KLunch now is pretty different from the one we had when we went earlier this year. Instead of lunch sets, Neway now offers buffet lunch. But comparatively, their set lunches tasted much better! I wished they didn't change! But anyway, with lunch and 3 hours of singing each pax cost about SGD11-12 if I remembered correctly. Free wi-fi provided too! So still very much value-for-money!

We booked a room at Grand Paragon Hotel for a night's stay so we quickly went to check in after singing! This is our second visit to Grand Paragon Hotel and we decided to stay there again coz the previous experience was pretty good and it's pretty near KSL! Furthermore, they have this pasar malam every Monday beside the hotel where they sell all sorts of stuff. Good to grab some small bites for supper! =D

Check in was fast, we expected it to be fast anyway coz it was a weekday and a day after PH, so by right the hotel would be pretty quiet. Got the keys to our room at level 13.

We booked the deluxe room, same as previously, but this time the room seemed to be much smaller. Rested awhile in the room before exploring the hotel and going to the gym to workout abit. HAHA. Yeah, you got it right. I actually went to the gym. So unbelievable. I didn't use the treadmill. Seriously, I cannot run. So I used the cycling machine (sorry I dunno the right name for it) for about 30 minutes. And I actually sweated. ABIT. Lol.

After that we decided to head to Farmland Porridge Steamboat Restaurant for dinner. Problem was, we don't know exactly where it was located. We saw it when we took a cab last time and vaguely remembered it was beside the main road. So we walked along roads, hoping to find it. Thinking back, it was kinda dangerous coz we had no idea if we were going the right way and we could have lost our way. But luckily (and thankfully), we didn't walk in vain and found the place before the sky got dark! =)

Saw this old school playground with a swing while searching for the restaurant!

I remember I used to play this every weekend when I was really young last time! But this seal was sooooo wobbly I thought it was going to break! >.<

Very yummy and crispy sides!

The recommended set which we ordered and porridge was free flow. O.O

The overall taste was not bad, something different to try! Apparently they have a branch in Singapore too. But I'm not quite sure where it's located at. I'm quite sure the piping hot stuff will taste even better in a rainy weather! =D

Walked back to where the pasar malam was and it was so crowded! Didn't buy anything back from the pasar malam but instead tabao-ed a pack of hokkien mee and some chicken wings from the food centre right beside the hotel. This was later at night of course. And I love love the hokkien mee! The thick bee hoon used were very different from what we see in Singapore. Theirs is very springy and chewy! SLURPS* But it seems like only I appreciate it. >.<

Anyway, here comes the bad part of the trip. If I haven't mentioned explicitly, We were back in the hotel room. I was going to wash my hands after finishing my food. And to the shock of my life, the water gushing out of the tap was brown, tea-like color.

Totally the color you see from the picture above. No joke.

I literally screamed in horror from the bathroom coz it was so disgusting la. I had no clue what water did I just washed my hands with. Not knowing what to do, I just soaped my hands and wipe it off with tissue. And we called the reception to check on the problem.

The receptionist didn't seem shocked to hear from us and just gave a brief explanation that there was some piping issues and assured us the the water will clear in 10 minutes. In fact, after 30 minutes the water was still not clean. The water was yellowish and with particles in it.

Saw how yellow it was! 

So of course we made another call to tell them on this. And they said they would send a technician up to check on the problem. I also made a request for them to send additional bottles of distilled water coz there was no way I can boil water with the dirty water right? They actually wanted to charge me additional RM3.00 for each bottle. 

Me: Why are you charging me for the additional bottles? I do not want to pay for these additional bottles.

Receptionist: You have two complimentary bottles in your room.

Me: I have finished it.

Receptionist: You finished the free ones then you have to pay for additional ones.

Me: (Boiling up) If I take water from the tap to boil it's free. Now your tap water is dirty, do you think I can still boil and drink it? If no, then do you think it's fair for me to pay for additional bottles?

So she she checked with her duty manager and sent up 2 bottles of water later on. Not that I'm trying to save that bit of money, but it just doesn't make any sense for me to pay.

Anyway, initial problem still not solved. Technician came up and and we checked with him on the cause of the problem. He said they have changed the filter (they do it every 2 months) and the water usually takes half a day to clear. Meaning we will only see clear water from the tap the following morning. Well done.

So we called the shift manager, Bob (yes I remember your name) to make a complaint after the technician left. After 5 minutes of talking, he then revealed that the problem occurred between levels 6 to 13 (remember we were staying on the 13th floor). Other levels were not affected. He then agreed to shift us to level 20.

I'm not trying to be hard to please, but we were really not satisfied with how things were done. Does it mean that if we did not make the call to complain then we would be stuck at the room with dirty water to bathe and wash our faces or NOT bathing and washing our faces at all? We definitely didn't pay for this. 

Not sure was it due to the previous night's bad experience, the breakfast next day didn't taste as good as I last remembered too. Sighs.

Having a dip at the pool before check out.

I guess there probably won't be a third visit from us to this hotel. Bye.

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