Wednesday, 15 October 2014

031 - ClearSK Lazer Whiten Facial

Since young, I've always had very dark and tanned skin which I have no idea why because I don't do sports and I don't stand under the sun all day but yet I look like this..

Dark, scrawny and sulky, that's me. Totally feeling like an ugly duckling. Probably explains why I always don't smile in photos. =(

And that's me with my loving grandma. Don't think I was unhappy at that time, but I just don't like smiling and posing for photos coz I feel..not pretty. Lol. Girls.

Anyway, I don't know how and when it started, my skin decided to give in to me a little and I started looking more presentable with not-so-tanned skin. At that point of time, I also started to learn more about skincare products and took care of my skin even more after I started putting on make-up. I first started going for facial treatments when I was 19 and continued for a few years until I had a bad breakout a couple of years back and I decided to stop all facial sessions there and then.

Had seen a doc, took medicine and put in extra care in taking care of my skin and finally and thankfully got back to the previous good condition. But nothing is ever quite perfect and of course I was still looking at having even fairer skin! So I was really excited upon receiving the invitation to Sample Store's latest campaign; to try out Clear SK's Lazer Whiten Facial!

The ClearSK Lazer Whiten Facial is a revolutionary clinical facial designed by dermatologists and it uses Light and Heat technology to help achieve acne clearance, skin tightening and rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and collagen renewal. 

Each treatment session is expected last for about 30 minutes and visible results can be seen after 4 weekly sessions. I had my first treatment session a couple of weeks ago at ClearSK, conveniently located at Velocity.

Before the start of the treatment session, the consultant would assist to help understand our skin better by filling up a questionnaire. The entire session was pretty smooth and quick. The consultant would  first double cleanse the face. This first step is already very comfortable! The consultant was really gentle and made sure that I felt comfortable during the entire process. 

The next step was the start of the treatment and to be frank, I was a little nervous coz I wasn't exactly sure what feeling to expect. The consultant was very assuring though, she asked if I would like to test it out on my hand to get a feel of how it would be like before she started on my face. And so I did. To my surprise, other than a warm sensation on the treated area, there was absolutely no painful or prickly feeling at all! So I safely handed my face to her. Other than the soft heat, there would be some red lights flashing during the treatment, but the eyes are well-covered for protection. =)

After the treatment, a mask was applied for another 15 minutes for hydration. I was feeling so comfortable that I fell asleep during that short 15 minutes. Moisturiser and sunblock were also applied before the session ended. The consultant also advised me to be more hardworking in applying moisturiser, sunblock and hyrating masks so as to make the effect of the treatment more lasting! =) 

This was a photo taken before my first treatment session! No make-up on except eyebrows and concealer to cover the dark eye rings.
These were photos taken right after my second treatment session! I hope I don't look too different without drawing my eyebrows and concealer! >.< I know there's a difference in lighting so we can't really do a direct comparison. But looking at myself in the mirror, I do think that I look a little fairer now without make-up and my skin feels a little bouncier! I hope it's the collagen renewal working! 2 more sessions to go and I can't wait for even tighter skin to reduce fine lines on my face! #forever18please

Overall, I am really pleased with the services provided, the effectiveness of the treatment and even the ambience of the whole place! =)

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