Tuesday, 14 October 2014

030 - Nivea Whitening Happy Shave

In Singapore's hot and humid weather, the best and most comfortable attire would definitely be a tank, a pair of shorts and a pair of slippers. I'm totally in for such attire for lazy weekends, that is if my underarms are cleanly plucked la. >.<

I should count myself lucky coz I'm not those hairy type, at least not in the underarms! But for those who are, and have issues with dark underarms caused by hair removal, fret not! It's the Nivea Whitening Happy Shave to the rescue!

Skin at the underarms tend to appear dark, dull and rough because regular shaving leads to skin damage and irritation, as well as symptoms such as redness, itchiness, and burning sensations. To combat this, the Nivea Whitening Happy Shave contains provitamin B5 and vitamin C which:

- Whitens and smoothens skin
- Repair damaged cells
- Reduce skin irritation from shaving
- Support skin regeneration
- Provide 48-hour protection against body odour and sweat

Although I mentioned that I have little hair to get rid of at the underarms, I still have minor issues with the darkened skin and could do with some whitening! I have tried the Nivea Whitening Happy Shave for slightly more than a week now, and I must say I have really seen an improvement on my skin! It really does what it claimed and the light fragrance were so lasting that I felt that I smell good throughout the day! No joke!

The Nivea Whitening Happy Shave is really easy to use too! Just shake the bottle well before use and spray it from about 15cm away from the underarms! Allow the product to dry and you're good to go! =)

Sample Store users can now redeem your free sample of the Nivea Whitening Happy Shave on Sample Store and at the same time receive a brochure which you can use to participate in the Instagram Contest!

To participate in the Nivea Happy Shave Instagram Contest, all you have to do is to pose with the signed brochure which will be sent to you when you redeem for the free sample, and hashtag #NIVEAsg #NIVEADeoSg #HappyShave

There will be a Grand Prize winner who will win shopping vouchers worth $400 and 2 consolation winners who will each win Nivea hampers worth $100! The Grand Prize winner will be awarded based on the Best Instagram Review on what personal situation they can raise their arms with confidence now that they have used Nivea Happy Shave. The Instagram contest will end on 30th October and winners will be announced on 31st October.

Go sign up for a free Sample Store account and redeem the sample if you haven't!

The Nivea Whitening Happy Shave is now sold at S$9.10 (150ml) in all leading personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers.

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